Keeping score shouldn't be a chore.

An exquisite, intelligent application that keeps the score at games like canasta, rummy or other. Built using Bot Framework and LUIS techonlogies from Microsoft, ScoreKeeper evolves everyday into something new.

At this time, ScoreKeeper is enabled only two channels : Facebook and WebChat. More channels are coming. Find ScoreKeeper on the Facebook and give it a try.

Every day ScoreKeeper learns new tricks; A non exhaustive list of commands:

  • Start Start a new game, reseting the previous scores
  • Add Jack as player Add a new player named Jack
  • Remove Jack as player Remove a player named Jack
  • Any Math Expression for Jack Evaluates the math expression and adds it as score for Jack. For example, 240 - 80 + 50 for Jack adds 210 points to Jack's total score.
  • Show stats for Jack Show all the hands scores for Jack
  • Who is in the first place Shows the name of player on the first place

Take ScoreKeeper for a spin.

  • Category: Application, Chat Bot, Artificial Intelligence
  • Services in project: Design, Development
  • Developed with: .Net Technologies
  • Client:
  • Date released: June 2017