Our ScoreKeeper bot is now online.

Our ScoreKeeper chatbot is now available on Skype bot's directory.

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Some time ago, me and family played few games of rummy and we wondered why we keep the score with pen and paper. And the idea to have a bot to keep the score for us was born.

ScoreKeeper is a bot built using Bot Framework and LUIS from Microsoft.

Powered by LUIS , ScoreKeeper is able to handle commands like : 'Add Joe as player' or '200-80+10 for Joe' or 'Show stats for Joe' or 'Who is leading now ?'. More commands are planned to be implemented as 'who's turn is now ?'.

ScoreKeeper is evolving almost daily, getting updates to handle more commands or to improve the natural language understanding of commands. If you have any suggestions for ScoreKeeper leave a comment down below.

Image by Alex Knight

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